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Our Products-
AT45 series multi-channel temperature meter adopt high-performance ARM micro processor, can collect multi-channel temperature data simultaneously and response quickly. AT45 series have the function of checking broken thermocouple, high/low beep function and communication transmission. 128 channels’ temperature data can be extended, compatible with various temperature sensors. Support RS-232 communication, realize   data acquisition, analysis and print through the standard computer software. Has USB disk storage and store real-time sampling data. The users can adjust data for each channel independently.
AT510 series apply to various kinds of resistors, switches contact resistance, connector contact resistance, relay coils and contact resistance, transformers, inductors, motors, deflecting coiling resistance, welding contact conductor resistance, the metal riveting resistance of vehicles, boats, airplanes, printed circuit lines and crack detection and so on.
AT520 is a kind of high-precision and high-stability battery tester. AT520 battery meter can be used to test contact resistance, battery internal resistance & voltage of battery simultaneously. AT520 applies to the product sorting and factory inspection of the battery produce line,  Compatibile with HIOKI 3560 & Agilent 43388. Al kinds of contact resistance, Li-battery, alkaline cell and lead accumulator determination of degradation & estimate of lifetime, UPS test on line and lead accumulator factory inspection can be tested by AT520 series.
AT520B and AT520C are newly designed high voltage battery meter, which aims to measure voltage and internal resistance of battery with built-in current high voltage meter. It can test not only 0.1mĂ-300Ă internal resistance of battery, but also max 780V battery voltage simultaneously, suitable for all kinds of high voltage battery test, such as multi-section series connection of high voltage, Li-battery and internal resistance
AT528 series handheld battery meter adopt high-performance 32 dgt ARM micro processor, can be used to test voltage and internal resistance of battery, compatible with HIOKI 3554.
AT851 battery lifetime meter can be widely used to test battery capacity, li-battery, aging of NI-MH battery, charger, switch power supply and aging of linear power supply. Can meet battery factories’ requirements of testing various kinds of batteries and national standard battery lifetime testing function. AT851 has an independent electronic load that provides CC, CV, CP and CP working models. It supports the traditional RS232C interface. SCPI makes computer programming easier.
      Products Family Overview Digital Multimeter - dmm Micro ohm Meter - easy operation, test with high speed, high cccuracy, wide range and high-cost performance; test range: 1μΩ-20MΩ Battery Tester - Apply to the internal resistance and voltage, as well as the lifetime of all kinds of batteries DC BIAS Source - Providing extra current source for inductance components Capacitance Meter - Universal capacitance meter with 1000V DC Anti-shock protection. Leakage Current Meter - Not only a Capacitance Meter but also Insulation Meter. Numerical controlled voltage source has improved the sampling speed. Both the capacitance and transistor leakage current can be tested Insulation Resistance Meter - Advanced programmable voltage output, wide range and high sampling speed Inductance Meter - General Inductance Meter, more professional and practical Digital LCR Meter - General used LCR Meter, can meet your basic requirements Multi-channel Temperature Meter - You can select from 10 - 40 channels, the data logger supports J/K/T/N/E type thermocouple and PT100/Cu50 thermal resistance scanning Multi-channel Resistance Meter - Channels from 2 to 40, only 10ms of the test cycle PTC Resistance Meter - For PTC 2-Channel Test DC Electronic Load - Provide you with the flexibility to test a wide range of applications from power supply and charger to battery. Instruments Software - Data communications and acquisition software Accessories - We provide accessories both standard and optional