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Melt Pressure Transducers & Transmitters from ONEhalf20         incorporate a liquid filled capillary design.         This tried and proven design provides an electronic signal         which is proportional to the measured pressure and allows         the transducer to operate at process temp. upto 400 degree C         The electronics of each transducer are wheatstone         bridge-bonded  train gauge design, ensuring high accuracy,         reliablity and repeatablity.
Extrusion Melt Pressure Transducers & Transmitters
840CT Battery Discharger &Capacity Tester
Although battery resistance testing methods are improving and very popular, battery discharge test still is themost accurate and reliable methodfor actual capacity evaluation of battery groups. Because only constant current discharge can perfectly simulate the working status under loading for batteries, power supply departments n many companies and utilities keep the periodic discharge testing in their maintenance management. Because the DC power systems in various industrial utilities are using different voltage level battery groups(24V, 48V, 110V, 120V, 220V, 240V etc.), and most of professional users hopeto find anunattended and automatic instrument to simplify discharge process, the battery discharge tester withintelligent designs and super voltage variability for almost all battery types would be preferable.
Adopt wireless unit monitoring technology, support 2V/6V/12V unit voltage monitor Each wireless monitor module can test four units together at the same time, compare those each module just test one unit voltage, the needed number of module allocate just a forth, much easier for wireless connection operation.The current continuously adjustable, automatically keep constant. The internal discharge current automatic  calculating function support calculate discharge current which is needed to setup by standard battery capacity and within the needed discharge time
CT Series Battery Discharger & Capacity Tester
FST-2000CT Battery Discharge Cycler FST-2000CT is a brand new type for traction batteries discharge & charge cycle. Usually, in periodic  battery testing and the regeneration for bad performance batteries, FST-2000CT is a very intelligent and  useful tool.   The voltage range of 2V –96V almost covers all types of traction batteries (forklifts, automobile, golf cart, train, wheel chair etc.)