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Video Surveillance & Digital Storage Solution
Video Monitoring System - Soleratec RSM Manage Your Ever-Growing Video Surveillance Demands SoleraTec’s Phoenix RSM surveillance video and storage management software delivers ultrafast search and video playback as well as complete video lifecycle management for the unique retention needs of any size organization. Rest assured that your video is available when you need it. Phoenix RSM metadata capabilities let you annotate the captured video so you can perform relevant, targeted searches at a later date. This customizable metadata goes way beyond just date and camera ID; you can search on an extensive list of criteria and identifiers to get more relevant search results and faster access to needed video. Storage Made easy with SpectraLogic - Disk & LTO Tape based Storage systems. Spectra Logic's large-scale, long-term storage and archive solutions utilizing automated tape  libraries and disk systems will protect your data efficiently and securely. Our products include innovative features, such as our tape libraries with LTO-6 tape drives, integrated data encryption, media health monitoring, and low power consumption. We believe that Spectra Logic has the best tape libraries and disk backup solutions available. Spectra Logic is a founding member of the Active Archive Alliance, a group of companies formed to educate about technologies that enable easy access to archived data. FileCatalyst Acceleration: Solving the problems of TCP/ FTP Data Transferring The FileCatalyst fast file transfer protocol offers incredible speed gains vs. traditional methods. FTP and HTTP are based on TCP/IP, the backbone of the internet. For loading a webpage, TCP is great. For sustained data transfer, it is far from ideal. Have a look at the following chart. Even though the connection itself is 45Mbps, transfers are much slower. With fast connections, latency and packet loss bring TCP-based file transfer to a crawl.